The System

Our unique system works both from onshore as well as offshore.
It also works both online and offline.

The predefined modules include refreshment training for STCW crew members and OPITO approved Ongoing Onboard Development and Training Program (OODTP) for emergency response & rescue vessels (ERRV).

The course Creator module allows you to easily create and manage your own company specific training, giving you all the training needed in one place.

With The VIKING Saatsea system you always have documentation for the competency status of your crew.

You get major cost savings because the flat rate price system is based on the number of vessels.
VIKING Saatsea
A powerful new paradigm for
onboard competency
management and training
From land-based training to today’s high-technology, highly accessible onboard solutions, CMT has come a long way.
  • Physical location
  • Paper-based documentation
  • Moderately customizable
  • Complex, expensive logistics
  • High data impact
  • Semi-paperless
  • Physical media or access via Internet connection
  • Low data impact
  • 24/7 electronic/print verification
  • Create-your-own course capability
  • 24/7 access regardless of connection status
System capabilities
  • Theoretical training content
  • Setup and management of practical training exercises on board
  • Competence measurement at individual level
  • Reduced travel/accommodation costs
  • Reduced loss of income
  • Training when convenient
  • Can be used when ship is offline or connection is unstable
  • Paperless solution
  • Realtime status/overview of competencies on board
  • Real-time status/overview of competencies on land
  • Ability to remotely (online) update the system
  • Ability to remotely update content and add new modules/courses
  • Logbook remains accessible even after termination of employment
Why choose us
The VIKING Saatsea system provides shipowners with a paperless solution for onboard training with many benefits such as:
You always know the competency status of your crew and you can produce the documentation on the spot.
You can easily make new courses available to the crew
Your system is fully functional and accessible when the vessel is online and offline
Our flat rate system is based on the number of vessels so you get major cost savings
Crewmembers also experience the system’s flexibility with:
Easy access to documentation of their skills
Opportunity to train 24/7 from onshore or offshore
Saves days at an onshore based training facility

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