Keeping up with the new STCW requirements, made easy

Our new refresher packages for STCW let you refresh basic education on board by combining theoretical with practical exercises and reducing land-based training to a single day every five years. You get individually documented refreshment records on an individual level as well as all the other benefits of the VIKING Saatsea training solution.

VIKING Saatsea presents the first onboard system that will work perfectly regardless of the vessels online/offline status
VIKING Saatsea
VIKING Saatsea
Finally – STCW training and certificate management just became much, much easier
Imagine if your crew could keep their certificates up to date by training on board whenever it suited them. And you could have full, around-the-clock access to schedule, track, assess and report training on land or at sea.

How much time, money and sheer frustration could your company save?

The system includes the following
modules for STCW crews:

VIKING Saatsea’s 24/7 onboard training solution lets crew continuously refresh the following mandatory modules – and automatically streamlines administration at the same time:
  • A-VI/1-1 Personal survival techniques
  • A-VI/1-2 Fire prevention and fire fighting
  • A-VI/1-3 Elementary first aid
  • A-VI/1-4 Personal safety and social responsibility
  • A-VI/2-1 Proficiency in survival craft and rescue boats other than FRC
  • A-VI/2-2 Proficiency in fast rescue boats

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