VIKING Saatsea introduces 24/7 onboard ISPS courses

Complete your next STCW course via e-learning.

Our DMA approved ISPS courses give the maritime industry
the opportunity to attain great savings.

The unique e-learning system offers ISPS courses for all seafarers. Downsize expenses on travel, accommodations and reduce seafarers time away from the family. Our e-learning system provides maximum flexibility with the opportunity to complete the course ashore or on board.

Participants have the option of completing the course at their pace, and not necessarily in one sitting.
Access to the courses can be assigned to Shipping Companies, Maritime Schools, Training Centres and individual seafarers.

To learn more about the ISPS Course, please contact:

Ina Krusbæk Jützler or +45 61626750

VIKING Saatsea presents the first onboard system that will work perfectly regardless of the vessels online/offline status
VIKING Saatsea

ISPS includes the following:

  • Ship Security Officer,
    STCW Regulation VI/5 Section A-VI/5
  • Seafarers with Designated Security Duties,
    STCW Regulation VI/6 Section A-VI/6 § 6-8
  • Security-awareness Training,
    STCW Regulation VI/6 Section A-VI/6 § 1-4

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