Emergency Response & Rescue Vessel

VIKING Saatsea’s module for Ongoing Onboard Development and Training Program (OODTP) for ERRVs, ensures your crew are professionally trained according to OPITO requirements

With 100% day or night training accessibility, regardless of sea-to-land connection quality, you’re always ready to tackle the next job with fully competent and completely up-to-date crew.

VIKING Saatsea presents the first onboard system that will work perfectly regardless of the vessels online/offline status
VIKING Saatsea
VIKING Saatsea
Cutting edge training solutions and compentency management systems
OPITO® approved onboard e-training
Our OODTP for ERRVs deploy rich-media content to ensure your crews learn as quickly and memorably as possible – and they’ll enjoy the intuitive, easy-to-use menu system.

The system includes the following
modules for ERRV crews:

  • Initial Training Shipboard Operations (ITSO)
  • Fast Rescue Craft and Daughter Craft Boatman
  • Fast Rescue Craft Coxwain
  • Daughter Craft Coxwain
  • Command & Control

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