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Easily produce your company’s own training courses
– all on the maritime industry’s most advanced e-training platform

VIKING Saatsea’s 24/7 Competency Management and Training (CMT) platform is the only system of its kind that enables you to design and produce your own, company-specific training courses.

You can use exactly the same, simple intuitive user interface, learning tools and techniques as our market-leading ERRV and STCW modules to build fully integrated courses for a wide range of competence training.

VIKING Saatsea presents the first onboard system that will work perfectly regardless of the vessels online/offline status
VIKING Saatsea
VIKING Saatsea
Comprehensive authoring systems accelerate organizational learning
Vessel and rig owners have been crying out for a single system that can provide both standard onboard training courses and company-created, company-specific courses. But, with a highly protective training industry cautious about sharing its intellectual property, this capability has only recently been made available by VIKING Saatsea.
Theoretical training, practical exercises & compentence management
The VIKING Saatsea system allows you to build, not only theoretical courses, but also design practical exercise and keep track of it all in our competence management system.
A system for all onboard training activities.
Design your own training program
  • Create onboard training courses that address almost any skills requirement
  • Choose from a set of proven templates, layouts and navigation elements or,
  • Create and customize your own set of templates
  • Upload a wide variety of media to support training
  • Maintain a consistent structure to enable easy administration
  • Revert to older versions of your course, enabling you to safely experiment
  • Seamlessly integrate each new course with your existing course portfolio
  • Easy synchronization between vessel and onshore

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