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VIKING Saatsea ApS

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DK-6700 Esbjerg
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Viking Saatsea

About us

VIKING Saatsea, which was welcomed into the VIKING Life-saving Equipment group in 2013, was founded to address a significant challenge in the maritime industry towards onboard training.

Our mission is to help vessel and rig owners improve their training capability while avoiding the delays, exposures to liability and financial losses that can result from inefficient, outdated solutions to the onboard competency management and training (CMT) problem.

VIKING SAATSEA decided to develop state of the art technology for onboard training in the 21st century. Saatsea have developed several IT solutions for the shipping and offshore industry and therefor had a great idea about the challenges in making online solutions work offshore. We reached the goal in 2012 and had based on several years of development a brand new generation of onboard training system ready for our customers. In 2013 we joined the VIKING family and changed our name to VIKING Saatsea.

Facing all the known difficulties in onboard training we have created the most advanced and reliable system seen so far in the industry. We took the liberty of gathering all of this knowledge in our best practice guide. The guide spotlights on the various issues and features that needs to be considered before choosing an onboard training system. In the back of our Best Practice Guide you will find an independent evaluation tool that helps you to compare various systems against each other. Please help yourself before buying any system and use our guide which can be downloaded right here Best Practice Guide.

VIKING SAATSEA have been approved by OPITO as a training provider for OODTP on ERRV´s. We are proud of this approval which states that the industry is ready for the next generation of onboard training. Not only do we handle theoretical courses we also plan and manage practical exercises and competency management. All in the same system where the brand new module Course Creator makes it possible for each customer to easy build their own internal courses and manage these in the same system, “Single point of onboard training”.

The team at VIKING saatsea welcomes you to take part in the new generation of onboard training, flexibility for all.

If you have any question, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Kim Baarsøe
Managing director